Faith and Hope Care Center

A Ministry of Faith Outreach Center


Mission Statement

To present Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer to the community and enhance the quality of life through hope, encouragement and programs that will equip clients with the proper skills to overcome the challenges of life.


Faith and Hope Care Center strives to create an environment where an individual seeking transformation and restoration in their lives through Christ can find the help that they need.  At the Faith and Hope Care Center our goal is to develop individuals with skills that will enable them to grow spiritually and emotionally so that they can be an effective tool in God's hands, to be used in the lives of others.

About Us

Faith and Hope Care Center (The Care Center) was established first as a healing center for individuals seeking a safe and encouraging place where they can be restored and comforted from life's hurts.  To do this well we also wanted to be able to provide specific services and programs to area pastors, youth pastors, teaching ministries and missionaries.  By developing partnerships with community faith leaders, we are able to do the most good for the unique needs of all individuals seeking help.

The Care Center is a solid, balanced, inter-denominational ministry that is recommended by both Christian ministries and alternative faith-based health and healing organizations.  By referring their members and clients to the Faith and Hope Care Center, leaders, teachers, coaches and lay ministers are further freed to operate better in their individual gifts.  Our center rescues them from the time commitment of a potential long-term counseling relationship.  We offer specialized ministry programs that are unique to the individual client's life experiences.  Ministers and counselors don't have the luxury to pursue expertise in all areas of specialized need.  Time just does not permit them.  The Care Center offers them an extension to their own ministry programs so that they can meet the needs of all members.

Faith and Hope Care Center offers anonymity and confidentiality in a secure, faith-based environment.


The Care Center is affilliated with Faith Outreach Center, Inc.  We are recognized as a Federal not for profit corporation that is recognized by the IRS as a charitable, 501(c)3, organization.  Fees are kept low so that ministry can be made available to more individuals.  This allows our services to be structured so that more clients can take advantage of our programs. By partnering with more churches and faith-based organizations as we grow, we will be able to maintain this pricing level and be able to offer more programs and services.  Our partners can help sponsor and provide scholarship funding for those unable to seek services on their own.  Smaller churches and ministries can now offer expanded services to their members by partnering with The Care Center.

Expanded Teaching and Equipping

The Faith and Hope Care Center ministry staff also provides consulting services to organizations and offers seminars and workshops.  Experienced and licensed staff members are available to preach, speak, teach and train in any of the areas in which we offer counseling, ministry and coaching.  Please contact us if you have a specific request.